The success of Crystal Lagoons® in Paraguay


Paraguay is growing economically and real estate investment prospects continue to grow for Crystal Lagoons®. To the already four strategically project already built in the country, like Aqua Village (San Bernardino), Blue Lagoon (Pedro Juan Caballero), Costa del Lago (Hernandarias) and Aqua Terra (Luque), new real estate developments and Public Access Lagoons™ in cities such as Asuncion are added.

In the capital of Paraguay, the construction of the first urban lagoon is planned, an initiative that will be developed in partnership with the Argentine group Eydisa. It will be inserted in a real estate complex of apartment buildings (about 600 to 700 units), with a lagoon of 1 to 1.5 hectares and whose estimated date is for 2023 or 2024. Likewise, a project is being negotiated with the same company, but for second home real estate development in San Bernardino.

In the same town, but in association with the Chilean firm Petrohué Real Estate and under the PAL™ model, Parque San Bernardino is being built. It will be an event and recreation complex, which will be located an hour and a half from Asuncion, centered on a 2.6-hectare crystalline lagoon that would be ready in November 2022.

PAL™ are characterized by monumental crystalline lagoons surrounded by white sand beaches. In them, events such as launches, fairs, food-halls, weddings, concerts, day clubs, etc. can be held in a paradisiacal environment and multiple settings, such as beaches, peninsulas for the bride and groom, terraces, domes, as well as vast gastronomy, retail, beach clubs, amphitheaters, and recreational and cultural activities.

In addition, Crystal Lagoons® is negotiating another four PAL™ developments, due to the positive characteristics that they observe in Paraguay: a thriving middle class, affordable land values, investment benefits, and convenient tax rates, described the company.

The regional director of the multinational Jean Pierre Juanchich also highlights the Mediterranean situation and the hot climate most of the year, very suitable attributes for the Crystal Lagoons® business, which has made Paraguay the second most important regional market for the company, after Argentina, that is, where more projects are being placed. They have 18 initiatives in different stages of development and negotiation.

“Paraguayan investors see perpetual income with never-before-seen rates of return, thanks to the enormous business potential of the Master PAL™ model that emerges as a new long-term investment alternative and limited risk. The projects, as they are being built, quickly generate profits and a pyramidal financing is produced, which allows with a low initial investment to create a company with a very high present value.” explains Juanchich.

“Paraguay is a market with a lot of potential for PAL™ projects due to various factors. Crystal Lagoons® bring the ocean to the cities, creating urban beach life, just as 200 years ago an architect in England brought a piece of the forest to the city of London, and urban parks were created. These projects will change the lives of millions of Paraguayans and will reduce the use of cars or a plane to go to the beach, with the consequent environmental savings”, concludes Juanchich.

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