Creating Real Estate Value

Crystal Lagoons® concept and technology, patented worldwide, has changed the real estate paradigm of “location, location, location”, becoming the World’s Top Amenity, and adding premium values to real estate projects.

Crystal Lagoons has managed to create idyllic beaches with lagoons of crystalline water and excellent quality, in previously unimaginable places. Crystal Lagoons changes the landscape by creating a breathtaking turquoise water destination that can be enjoyed all year round. This technology has enabled extraordinary, never seen before results, adding value in the following ways:

  • Creating an idyllic beach destination anywhere in the world.

  • Making otherwise unviable projects feasible, making the impossible possible.

  • Increasing the value of real estate and sale prices as no other amenity.

  • Increasing the potential for density of projects.

  • Increasing prices and occupancy rates in hotels.

  • Adding more value than any other known amenity.

  • Generating an advantage that reduces competition from nearby real estate projects.

Project Types

Crystal Lagoons® technology brings an idyllic beach lifestyle anywhere in the world, from coastal and second row sites, to inland and urban locations.

Many projects along coastal areas present difficult conditions for swimming and water sports, such as pollution, rough seas, rocky beaches and seabeds, dangerous cliffs, strong currents, jellyfish and sharks, among others. Crystal Lagoons innovative technology solves this problem by developing crystalline bodies of water that enable the practice of water sports, and an endless variety of beach activities, in safe and enjoyable surroundings.

Even in coastal areas with good conditions, this exceptional amenity offers numerous advantages when enjoying water activities, such as swimming, surrounded by a beach paradise, in a private and protected environment, anywhere in the world. Furthermore, people who never practice water sports in the sea, do so in a clear water lagoon because it is a safe environment that can be enjoyed year-round.

Coastal Areas

Many coastal areas that attract high numbers of tourists have a sea front that is completely developed. Crystal Lagoons is capable of bringing an idyllic beach lifestyle, behind first row developments, and creating very profitable projects on properties that previously had little commercial value.

These crystalline lagoons enable attractive projects to be developed in less saturated areas, but still with a coastal climate. All the while creating a beach paradise that is ideal for water sports and swimming.

Second Row Coastal Areas

Beach projects can now be developed in areas that were not considered possible before, away from the coast, with low real-estate or tourist attraction value. Crystal Lagoons technology can bring once unfeasible projects to life by creating an idyllic beach life anywhere in the world, improving users’ quality of life, adding tremendous value to the project and transforming these properties into successful real-estate projects.

Crystal Lagoons is bringing beachlife closer to people and changing the real estate paradigm of “location, location, location” forever, adding enormous value anywhere.

Inland Areas

Urban projects powered by Crystal Lagoons® technology are completely changing the lives of primary home residents, by creating idyllic beaches just a few steps away from their homes. This is revolutionizing the real-estate market, transforming urban developments into paradise beach destinations, available to everyone. Crystal Lagoons® technology enables residents to practice swimming and water sports such as sailing or kayaking among others; or to just relax on the beach and enjoy the idyllic view of turquoise water, without having to travel much further than their backyard. Crystal Lagoons® is completely transforming the landscape into a magical turquoise water environment that can be enjoyed year-round.

Primary Homes in Urban Areas

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