Press highlights PAL™ Treasure Bay project as a major tourist attraction in Indonesia


Southeast Asia’s largest crystalline lagoon developed with Crystal Lagoons® technology is located in Indonesia, in the exotic entertainment destination located in Indonesia’s Riau archipelago, Treasure Bay Bintan. This large body of turquoise waters of 15,5- acres is a magnet for the world press, which has written multiple articles dedicated to this Public Access Lagoons™ project, also known as PAL™ developments. This time, the portal selected this amenity among the top 5 tourist attractions in Bintan.

This amenity is surrounded by 1,400 meters of white sandy beaches, 800 meters long, and has a maximum depth of 2.5 meters. The families can access it by paying a ticket, allowing them to enjoy this large crystalline lagoon and various activities. Among the amenities incorporated in the lagoon are a bungee jumping platform and a cable water ski facility. It also offers a wide range of water activities, from boat rides, slides, paddle boarding, kayaking, and wakeboarding for all members of the family.

The 222-acre resort is a place that offers all imaginable amenities for tourists and their families. It includes 5-stafewertels, restaurants, trails, and natural hills where houses with Greek-style architecture are located.

The crystalline lagoon is not only attracting media attention for its size or the idyllic beach life it offers. Using the pioneering sustainable technology created by Crystal Lagoons, the lagoon is environmentally friendly, using 100 times fewer chemicals compared to a traditional pool, only 2% less energy than traditional filtration systems, and operates in a closed system where only the water that evaporates is compensated.

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