The hallmark of the new generation of Crystal Lagoons


Crystal Lagoons – the multinational innovation company, founded by scientist Fernando Fischmann– is a case of successful globalization in the field of innovation. Its disruptive technology -that makes possible the construction of massive crystalline lagoons of limitless size anywhere in the world- has been a revolution that adds value to urban, real estate, and tourism projects, being a strong differentiating element without comparison.

Its expansion has been meteoric and without scale. In less than ten years of operating, Crystal Lagoons® technology is present on five continents with over 1,000 projects in different stages of development and negotiation in 60 countries worldwide, which have changed people’s lifestyles around the world and solved some of the most dramatic problems of humanity.

The innovations of Crystal Lagoons have positively disrupted water treatment and purification technologies, in areas such as industrial processes, public spaces, recreational facilities, and ornamental settings, in both private and public projects.

The company´s growth strategy goes hand in hand with the participation of new generations. In this sense, Stephanie and Benjamín, Fernando Fischmann’s children, have played a fundamental role in leading key areas of the company from the United States, where are located the headquarters of Crystal Lagoons, heading an innovative, multidisciplinary, and multicultural team that continues to open opportunities for Crystal Lagoons in all markets. This was highlighted by

Stephanie manages the worldwide Marketing area and participates in the technological development of the company; and Benjamín, has the responsibility to expand the presence of Crystal Lagoons in the US West Coast states.

Both bring a vision of the future and new ideas, convinced that it is possible to improve people’s quality of life through innovation. An example of this is their participation in the development of the new Public Access Lagoons™ model, which creates idyllic beach life in the center of the cities and to which anyone can have access upon payment of a ticket. Today, PAL™ developments are taking the multinational into a new era.

Crystal Lagoons does not stop. It is constantly evolving and is at the forefront of the development of new sustainable technologies that contribute to people’s well-being and help address the major challenges of the climate crisis. To this end, it is working on a set of innovative technologies of high environmental relevance that could potentially help solve global issues, such as water and energy scarcity.

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