Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Technology

Crystal Lagoons is a U.S. company that has developed a pioneering, innovative, and sustainable technology that has been patented worldwide. This technology allows crystalline lagoons of unlimited sizes to be built and maintained at very low costs globally by having low water consumption and using a minimum amount of additives and energy.

The eco-friendly advantages of Crystal Lagoons® technology are:

  • They consume only 2% of the energy needed by conventional swimming pool filtration systems.
  • Crystalline lagoons require 100 times fewer chemicals than traditional swimming pools and fully comply with the most stringent international physicochemical and microbiological water quality standards.
  • Lagoons powered by Crystal Lagoons® technology use 33x less water than an 18-hole golf course and 40% less than a park of the same size.
  • They are filled only once and operate in a closed circuit.
  • Crystal Lagoons® amenities can use any type of water, including seawater and brackish water, which is abundant and has little to no alternative use.
  • The proprietary Crystal Lagoons® molecular film technology can reduce evaporation by an additional 50%.
  • They are filled only once and operate in a closed circuit.
  • Crystalline lagoons have a far more intensive recreational use than green areas, golf courses, and surf parks, constituting a more efficient use per acre of space and gallon of water.

There are currently more than 50 million man-made water bodies worldwide, such as artificial lakes, lagoons on golf courses, reservoirs, among many others. None of them have the transparency of swimming pools or tropical seas. On the contrary, their water looks murky with a dark green color because of the bottom's algae proliferation and sediment accumulation.

For years, different water treatment technologies have been applied in large water-bodies to achieve good quality, such as ozone, aeration, and movement of water, enzymes, biological equilibrium, and fish, among others. However, none of these methods have created large crystalline water bodies with high transparency and microbiological quality.

For this reason, Fernando Fischmann, founder of Crystal Lagoons and biochemist by profession, created a sustainable technology method and system that allowed him to build and maintain large crystalline lagoons with excellent water quality at very low costs.

How Crystal Lagoons is lowering the world's
carbon footprint

Public Access Lagoons® developments are the sustainable gathering place of the future. By bringing beach life, water sports, and entertainment close to home, PAL™ projects can lower the human impact on biodiversity and reduce CO2 emissions by 14 million tons, equivalent to 40% of the carbon footprint of tourism and transportation industries.

For this contribution, Crystal Lagoons was recognized as the "Champion of Champions" in the 2022 edition of the "Green World Awards" in Abu Dhabi. It won the Carbon Reduction category but also obtained the highest distinction in the British sustainability awards, beating 200 winners across all other categories, including Climate Change, Water and Energy Efficiency, and Innovation.


among 200 winners for Lowering the Carbon Footprint
March 15, 2022 Abu Dhabi

The cleanest energy in the world:
utilizing waste heat lost by industrial processes

Desalination with no energy and no emissions

Two-thirds of the energy generated by power plants is lost to the environment as waste heat. Crystal Lagoons has developed and patented a state-of-the-art technology that can sustainably cool power plants, data centers, and other industrial processes while also capturing and taking advantage of the waste heat that would otherwise be lost. This waste heat is equivalent to two times the energy produced by all renewable sources combined. Most importantly, the waste heat captured can be used for desalinating water using membrane distillation with no additional energy, helping solve one of the world's biggest problems: water scarcity.

Year-round recreational lagoons heated with wasted energy

The energy recovered from industrial processes can also be used to heat PAL™ lagoons year-round at no additional cost, using only residual energy. This creates a tropical-style lagoon with hot bathing water and warm air if a dome is incorporated. Thus, the lagoon is not only used for cooling but also opens up a new sustainable business opportunity that allows the community to enjoy beach life and water sports in any climate through ticketed entry to the lagoon.