The opening of the biggest crystalline lagoon in Europe is approaching


Santa Rosalía Lake and Life Resort is the biggest development of Crystal Lagoons in Europe and is about to open. Located in the Costa Cálida sector, in Murcia, Spain, in an area that has more than 300 days of sunshine a year, it is defined as the center of the Caribbean Sea.

Developed with the sustainable technology of Crystal Lagoons®, the lagoon with 1.6 hectares of turquoise waters is inserted in a “Reserve” near Murcia and Cartagena, an immense 12.4-hectare garden, which in turn is located between golf courses. Around it, exclusive homes and apartments with a view of the largest crystal clear lagoon.

The crystalline lagoon will provide a perfect place for nautical sports and swimming, and is surrounded by 12,4 of green areas, a beach club, houses, apartments and independent villas. In the middle of the lagoon, there will be two paradisiacal islands with palm trees and white sand beaches, with turquoise waters.

“Few cities in the world have the same climate than Murcia, that allows people to enjoy the crystalline lagoon all year-round”, explains Francisco Matte, Crystal Lagoons regional director


Expansion of Public Access Lagoons™ in Spain 

In the world and, particularly in Europe, PAL™ projects attract for their disruptive innovation in cities, by bringing a piece of the ocean to the cities, a phenomenon similar to what happened 200 years ago in England, when a piece of the forest was introduced in London and urban parks were created.

“In Spain, investors have identified the advantages of these projects that increase the value of m² and provide a unique amenity that brings beach life to cities and anywhere. PAL™ developments have been proven to be tremendously attractive and profitable, so investors take positions for their long-term safety and limited risk. In Spain, it is planned to develop more than 25 of these complexes in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Ávila, Seville, Zaragoza, Malaga, among other cities”, explains Francisco Matte.


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