The ABC of Crystal Lagoons®


Bring idyllic beach life like in the Caribbean anywhere in the world: in the middle of cities, beaches not suitable for swimming, Mediterranean lands and even deserts. That’s the concept that drives the Crystal Lagoons® innovation.

This, thanks to a unique technology that allows building and maintaining crystalline lagoons of unlimited size at low cost. In addition, this technology is sustainable as it uses up to 30 times less water than a golf course, 100 times less chemicals than a swimming pool and only 2% of the energy of a conventional filtration system. The innovation is patented in more than 190 countries with a portfolio of more than 2,200 patents.

Currently, Crystal Lagoons® has more than 1,000 projects in different stages of development and negotiation, in more than 60 countries around the world such as the United States, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Spain, Thailand, Australia, Vietnam, South Africa, Peru, Japan, Colombia, Argentina, Indonesia, Turkey, Mexico, Uruguay, Peru, Brazil, Argentina and Chile, among others.

However, the market where the company has the largest operation worldwide is the United States, with 221 projects in different stages, in 23 of the 50 states. Some of the most important developments are the master agreements with Epic and Mattel (16 PAL™ projects) and ADËLON Capital (5 PAL™ in Orlando), Epperson and Lago Mar, the first US PAL™ developments and bestsellers.

After revolutionizing the real estate sector for 10 years, Crystal Lagoons® began a new corporate stage, revolutionizing cities with Public Access Lagoons™ projects, or PAL™, which are monumental crystalline lagoons suitable for bathing, nautical sports, white sands, beach life close to home and which anyone can access through the purchase of a ticket.

PAL™ developments are low investment and maintenance projects, with a short-term return, and the possibility of massive use. They revitalize vacant lands, and become public spaces that add value and quality of life to their surroundings, contributing to social inclusion, recreation and relaxation. In addition, the average income generated by a PAL™ is 10 times higher than that generated by a real estate project. These characteristics are making them the new meeting point of the 21st century.

The Public Access Lagoons™ model are exclusive license contracts for a specific geographical area and a certain volume of projects, in association with institutional investors, investment funds, family offices and real estate developers through master agreements.

The developments that include Crystal Lagoons® amenities have multiple benefits: they increase the speed of sale of real estate projects by over 70%, increase their density, radically increase the value per square meter, multiply the consumption of services due to the high visitor flow; and they contribute to the environment by reducing the carbon footprint of travel and the negative impact on the biodiversity of natural tourist places.

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