Texas media highlights Crystal Lagoons® presence in Austin


Praised media outlet Business Journal has described Crystal Lagoons® amenities as the latest craze in the business, igniting the desire of developers around the world to invest in new and modern ways to attract customers.

According to the piece posted on the Austin run of the publication, Crystal Lagoons is at the helm of this trend, thanks to its sustainable waters, eco-friendly environment, and low-cost and high return that come with PAL  developments.

Because of this, and the success of Lago Mar, Crystal Lagoons® biggest project in Texas, the Lone Star State has enjoyed the benefits of turquoise waters and tropical beach life just minutes from their home and has become a highly valued amenity for residents and visitors. Even during the pandemic, there were reports of daily income of over $50,000 on tickets alone.

This level of success will not be restricted during summer. Thanks to  our patented Hot Reef™ technology, heated waters will be available all year long, making it an amenity like no other, and becoming the world’s top amenity.

U.S. market

Crystal Lagoons has numerous ongoing operations worldwide, but those spotted across the U.S., such as Solé Mia, Balmoral, Windsong Ranch, Lake Nona, Section 31, Southshore Bay, Mirada, Avenir, Sierra Vista, have confirmed the United States as the company’s leading market.

In addition, the company is expanding its successful Public Access Lagoons™ projects offering ticketed-entry, also known as PAL™ projects, in Florida and Texas, and important master agreements such as the one signed with Epic for 16 developments in different geographical areas.

“We are holding advanced negotiations with investment funds and leading malls in Florida, California, South and North Carolina, Texas, Arizona and Oklahoma for additional master agreements, which now represent 90% of the firm’s contracts,” adds Manzur.

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