Press Announces Crystal Lagoons® Expansion in Italy


With 600 projects in different stages in 60 countries, Crystal Lagoons®, a U.S. multinational innovation company that develops large crystalline lagoons and idyllic beaches, is now breaking into the Italian market with its new revolutionary Public Access Lagoons™, also known as PAL™.

Master licensing agreements, the business of the future, have seen investors taking positions allured by previously unseen returns and long-term security. They have also proven to be of limited risk, and as such are a unique Covid and Amazon-proof business alternative.

In Italy, Crystal Lagoons is in negotiations to develop 20 PAL in Rome, Milan, Naples, Turin, Palermo, Genova, Bologna, Florence through licensing contracts exclusive to the Mediterranean country.

“Italian investors envision that, as these projects are built, they produce a financial pyramid. And, despite a low initial investment, a company can achieve a very high present value,” says Francisco Matte, Regional Director for Crystal Lagoons.

“Also, the hotel industry has identified an increase in value in rates and food and beverage consumption up to 200% when hotels include a beach, compared to hotels further inland. Investors have corroborated that, on lower-value land, a hotel that includes a beach as well as PAL elements can benefit from very attractive returns,” he adds.

“PAL are a very robust proposal, and accordingly, Crystal Lagoons is selecting the best partners around the world,” concludes Matte.

Interest in PAL, the meeting point of the 21st century, has increased following their success in Japan, the world’s most technological country, and across the U.S., specifically in Texas and Florida, with daily ticket sales revenues exceeding US $50,000 despite operating at under 30% capacity (1,200 visitors) so as to account for social distancing. Additionally, reservations have consistently sold-out a week in advance.

These monumental crystalline lagoons surrounded by white sand beaches become the most beautiful place in the city. The firm offers investment models with more or less infrastructure, with the most complete options including spaces for road shows, launches, food-halls, weddings, concerts in multiple set-ups such as beaches, terraces, domes, as well as a wide array of gastronomic offerings, retail, amphitheaters and shows.

Other markets that have already signed important master agreements, contracts that involve a significant number of PAL, are the U.S. (16 PAL), Korea (30 PAL), Pakistan (15 PAL) and Central America (18 PAL).

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