Newly Announced Vida Lagoon in Argentina Reveals Sales Success


Just one week has passed since Crystal Lagoons® announced its latest project, Vida Lagoon, in Funes, Argentina. Located in Rosario, it is a private residential neighborhood spanning 370 acres, offering a total of 1,045 lots. Since then, the development has disclosed that almost half of all lots have been sold in just four days.

In fact, the success and acceptance among homebuyers has been so successful, that 250 lots we purchased on day one alone.

Developed together with Grupo Rosental and Rossetti Desarrollos Urbanos, it will be centered around a crystalline lagoon powered by Crystal Lagoons technology, and will include extensive green areas.

“We are bringing the Caribbean to Funes,” said Jean Pierre Juanchich, Regional Director for Latin America at Crystal Lagoons, during the presentation of the project.

“Google Earth does not lie, it allows you to see our crystalline lagoons across the globe,” said the executive, adding that the company has a total of 1,000 projects at different stages of development worldwide.

Spanning ​​23,300 m2, this will be the first water amenity by the innovation multinational in the interior of Argentina.

The “lagoon effect”

The lagoon, with cutting-edge technology by Crystal Lagoons, will be surrounded by two 12,000 m2 tropical beaches, as well as a pier and a club house, and will join a list of other projects in Argentina, such as Laguna Pilar, Terralagos, La Mansa and Remeros Beach.

These large bodies of water, using the firm’s patented technology in 190 countries, generate a “lagoon effect” on a commercial level, by increasing the value of properties and sales prices like no other amenity, and also boosting the potential for density of projects.

Due to this successful phenomenon, the lagoons have come to be known as the world’s top amenity.

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