New Santa Rosalía resort is noticed for its lagoon with Crystal Lagoons® technology


Like the center of the Caribbean Sea, but on the nearby Costa Cálida of Europe: this is how Santa Rosalía Lake and Life Resort is sponsored among Netherlands residents who are interested in purchasing a second home. This, thanks to its water amenity with Crystal Lagoons® technology.

Using sustainable and environmentally friendly technology, the huge lagoon with 1.6 hectares of turquoise waters is inserted in a “Reserve” near Murcia and Cartagena, an immense garden of 12.4 hectares, which in turn is located between golf courses. Around it, exclusive homes and apartments overlooking the largest crystalline lagoon in Europe.

Imagine turquoise lagoons, white sand beaches, and a fabulous Beach Club and you will quickly find yourself in the tropical environment of the Caribbean Sea. In the middle of the lake, there are two paradisiacal islands with palm trees. If you don’t want to stay in a beach chair, you can practice water sports or swim because of the extensive creation of Crystal Lagoons®,” explains the developer.

Crystal Lagoons® is the world leader in sustainable filtration systems for large bodies of water. The technology allows efficient water and energy management, using 100 times less chemicals than a swimming pool, only 2% of the energy of a conventional system, and 30 times less water than a golf course. Following this line of environmental sustainability, Santa Rosalía Lake and Life Resort will plant an additional tree for each home delivered to the 4,000 trees that already grow in the resort.

Expansion of Public Access Lagoons™ projects in Europe

With Santa Rosalía, Crystal Lagoons® totals three projects in Spain, along with Alovera and Alcazaba Lagoon. Following the success of these projects, the multinational water innovation company is now conquering in Spain with its new Public Access Lagoons™ revolution, also known as PAL ™.

These water amenities can be accessed by purchasing a ticket, and they have been so successful that tickets often sell out a week in advance.

The multinational company plans to develop 25 PAL™ developments in Spain, in cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Seville, Zaragoza, Malaga and Murcia, among other important cities in the Iberian nation.

Other reference markets that have signed important master agreements, contracts that involve a significant number of PAL™ developments, are the US (16), Korea (30), Pakistan (15) and Central America (18).


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