Mattel partners with Crystal Lagoons® on PAL™ projects


Toys made by multinational Mattel will come to life in the first amusement park announced by the company, using the Public Access Lagoons™ model by Crystal Lagoons® that is currently being built in Phoenix, Arizona, and will be inaugurated in 2022 as “Crystal Lagoons Island Resort®”.

Given the high rate of success of Public Access Lagoons™ projects, also known as PAL™, in the USA multinational toymaker selected these Crystal Lagoons® developments to make its debut in the theme and amusements parks industry. They will have their own brand “Mattel Adventure Park”, and the plan is incorporating them as part of the infrastructure of the 16 lagoons open to public that Crystal Lagoons will develop with Epic firm in the US.

“Leading players in their industries, like Mattel, join under the PAL™ projects to develop new business, because they have identified the model’s triumph worldwide and in the USA. In fact, in the American market Crystal Lagoons has had a meteoric success with its presence in Florida, Texas, California, Alabama, Georgia, Washington DC, and North and South Caroline, among other states”, explains Ivan Manzur, Senior Vice President of Sales de Crystal Lagoons US Corp.

“Crystal Lagoons Island Resort” is a 20 hectares megaproject, surrounding a 4 hectares crystalline lagoon and the first Mattel’s amusement park. It will incorporate full-scale roller coasters and go-karting circuits by Hot Wheels®, Thomas and Friends in and outdoor trains, themed food and other entertainments.

Arizona’s Crystal Lagoons project is the first in a comprehensive trade agreement signed with the events and entertainment multinational Epic. Additionally to the Mattel amusement park, Arizona’s PAL will include two world-class hotels, along with the proper infrastructure of this business model, which includes restaurant circuits, beach clubs, retail stores, amphitheaters, recreational and cultural activities, hyper-realistic light and musical shows on the lagoon, virtual trips, and indoor bars with waves for surfing, all state-of-the-art attractions.

“The addition of Mattel amusement parks in the PAL projects, allows us to offer a new touristic and entertainment standard for the XXI century, that will revolutionize the global entertainment industry”, adds Manzur.


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