Epperson is one of the best-selling real estate projects in the US


Epperson was the first real estate project in the US to incorporate a Crystal Lagoons amenity. The unique appeal of the 3-hectare crystalline lagoon allowed that like every year since its construction, the project is among the top 50 best sellers nationwide.

Epperson, located in the Tampa area, is a bestseller: “Customer interest in Epperson only grows thanks to our convenient location, the quality of our homes and neighborhoods, and our wide range of amenities, which begins with our spectacular 3-hectare amenity powered by Crystal Lagoons® technology, “said John Ryan, CEO of Metro Development Group. “It all adds up to deliver great added value to our buyers.”

In addition to the crystalline lagoon, there are endless beach activities throughout the year for the whole family, including an inflatable water obstacle course, food trucks, and various water sports. All in a safe environment, surrounded by palm trees and white sand beaches.

According to the survey carried out by RCLCO, one of the main real estate study and consulting companies in the United States, the sale of houses in the sector increased 174% compared to 2020, totaling 342 units acquired this year.

Public Access Lagoons ™

Epperson operates under the Public Access Lagoons™, or PAL™ business model, which in its essence has as a common element: large crystalline lagoons surrounded by white sands, suitable for swimming and water sports.

The PAL™ business model has a very low initial investment and is highly profitable, reaching figures not known in other industries. This has provoked the interest of relevant economic groups worldwide that are making sure to have exclusivity in certain geographic areas and close master agreements in order to develop an important set of PAL™ in a region.

Under this business model, Crystal Lagoons receives a percentage of the income from entrance tickets and from all commercial exploitation within the project, including naming rights, sales of shops and events, etc.


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