Developer Aqua: an exclusive project in Mar del Plata


Some days ago, Crystal Lagoons® launched a new project in Argentina. This time, in the exclusive seaside resort of Mar del Plata. Called Developer Aqua, the complex will begin construction in August in association with Grupo Developer.

It’s “an important real estate project that promises to replicate the Caribbean charm just a few minutes from the city center. With an artificial lagoon with crystalline waters and an important green lung, Developer Aqua stands as a unique private neighborhood in the region”, explains 0223 news portal.

The Caribbean-like crystalline waters lagoons in the middle of the neighborhood will be built by Crystal Lagoons, an innovation multinational with extensive experience in different world capitals that guarantees, with last generation technology, the upkeep of this water mirror with low construction and maintenance costs.

With white sands and turquoise waters, the artificial lagoon that emulates the tranquility of the Central American coasts will have an area of ​​2.6 hectares on a 67-hectare property, which will have 472 lots and 150 apartments. From the imposing water mirror, the common recreation spaces, multi-family buildings and premium lots with private access to the lagoon will be organized, as well as a dedicated walking and running circuit.

The Developer Aqua lagoon will be divided into two zones: South and North. In the first area will be located the sandy beach with services, water games for children, beach volleyball court, dock, two themed restaurants, cafeteria, gym and spa with covered and heated swimming pool. In addition to Scottish shower, dry and wet sauna, massage rooms for couples and individuals, a kids and teen club (both with cinema space), lazy river, an outdoor amphitheater sector for projections, professional skate park and a skating or bicycle circuit. In the North area, there will be a beach for the exclusive use of adults with special equipment and “floating” seating areas plus a nautical nursery.

“This neighborhood has been designed centered in the lagoon. We embrace the responsible use of natural resources and we fully work to generate a positive environmental impact. We are going to plant 20 thousand trees; the lots will have green terraces and solar panels. It has a responsible design and we seek that the whole family can find their space within the neighborhood”, said Leo Bagnato, businessman in charge of the project.

This new project of the multinational innovation company in Argentina adds to the success of projects such as Remeros Beach, Terralagos, Laguna Pilar, Vida Lagoon, Acquavista and La Mansa.


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