Crystalline lagoons: the eco-friendly meeting point


Crystal Lagoons has contributed to the challenge of facing the water crisis, with a sustainable technology that favors the efficient use and management of water resources., allowing to bring idyllic beach life to any place in the world in an environmentally friendly way.

Crystalline lagoons stand out for their low water consumption. Thus, regardless of the size of these bodies of water, these lagoons are only filled once, and then operate in a closed circuit. They capture water in the rainy months, compensating for the natural loss due to evaporation and in the dry months, consumption is only to compensate for said evaporation.

This innovation is sustainable as it uses up to 33 times less water than a golf course, 100 times less chemicals than a conventional swimming pool or drinking water treatment technologies while the ultrasonic filtration system means that the lagoons use only 2% of the energy of conventional treatment systems pool filtration. For Their contribution to the promotion of carbon neutrality in different economic and social activities, the Public Access Lagoons™ projects were recognized as “Champion of Champions” in the 2022 version of the “Green World Awards”. 

PAL™ developments projects revolutionize cities by bringing beach life with turquoise waters and white sands to urban areas and reducing by about 50% the number of car trips and flights to coastal destinations and natural beaches which, globally, add up to about 35 million tons of CO2 per year.

During 2021, the Green World Environment Award and Green Apple Award also recognized the ecological aspect of PAL™ developments, which the innovation multinational develops on five continents.

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