Crystal Lagoons® Public Access Lagoons™ Attracts Argentine Investors


Argentina already accounts for almost 40 Crystal Lagoons® real estate projects in different stages of negotiation, operation and construction in various cities and provinces across the South American country. Several developments with crystalline lagoons in Greater Buenos Aires stand out, including the inaugurated Terralagos and Lagoon Pilar developments. Another is La Mansa, close to Pinamar and currently in full construction, was recently highlighted by the prominent national newspaper, Clarín.

The success these real estate projects have seen has produced interest in investors from Argentina wishing to get to know the new business model created by the firm, Public Access Lagoons™, also known as PAL™, can be accessed via ticket entry.

The U.S. water innovation multinational has presented various actors in the real estate world and investors, the firm’s Master Agreement business model, long-term strategic contracts and large volume of projects, which are negotiated by specific areas or provinces, seeking to specify the expansion of these urban developments in Buenos Aires, Rosario, Tucumán and Mendoza, among other cities.

PAL are large crystalline lagoons surrounded by white sand beaches, with attractive commodities such as restaurants, beach clubs, retail stores, amphitheaters, and recreational and cultural activities, such as concerts, shows, and cinema screenings.

The multinational’s first project in Argentina was Terralagos, with a 12-acre lagoon, located in Canning, near Buenos Aires. It incorporates 1,280 lots and 450 first and holiday home apartments.

Meanwhile, Lagoon Pilar, also on the outskirts of the capital, has as its central element a crystalline lagoon spanning over 8,5 acres, surrounded by 800 residential units of first home and infrastructure such as club house, restaurants, spa, sports sectors, among others.

La Mansa, near Pinamar, is a real estate project is currently in the construction phase, and stands out because of its sustainable and innovative features. The project will include a 10,5-acre pure, turquoise water lagoon with that will be filled exclusively with rainwater, and hence not affect local resources.

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