Crystal Lagoons project in Argentina: a development full of life


Terralagos was the first project of Crystal Lagoons in Argentina and since then it has become a sales success, proving once more the added value that crystalline lagoons provide to developments anywhere in the world.

It is a mega-development located in Canning, Ezeiza, and it offers residents the chance to enjoy an idyllic beach lifestyle all year-round due to a 5-hectare turquoise-waters lagoon surrounded by beaches. This allows residents to enjoy an idyllic Caribbean-like holiday experience, but within Buenos Aires.

Terralagos also has plenty of areas for development and condo units. Furthermore, the project also includes 10 tennis courts, 2 football fields, a hockey pitch, mini-golf and sports facilities for basketball, football and volleyball.

“Our crystalline lagoons have been a great success in Argentina. This is a unique and novel concept that provides a huge competitive advantage for developers and it is positively disrupting real estate market. To offer people a beach lifestyle on their doorsteps in places far away from the coast is unprecedented and it changes people’s lifestyles”, stated Jean Pierre Juanchich, Regional Director of Crystal Lagoons.

Crystal Lagoons has already 40 projects in different stages of negotiation and development in Argentina, including Lagoon Pilar, Remeros Beach, Lagoon Hudson, Acquavista, La Mansa and Vida Lagoon, among others.

The world’s top amenity™

These large bodies of water, using the firm’s patented technology in 190 countries, generate a “lagoon effect” on a commercial level, by increasing the value of properties and sales prices like no other amenity, and also boosting the potential for density of projects.

Due to this successful phenomenon, the lagoons have come to be known as the world’s top amenity.


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