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Beach life can now be recreated in the heart of cities thanks to a pioneering business model and technology created by Crystal Lagoons®. With a growing portfolio of over 2,000 patents in more than 190 countries, the firm’s technological innovation is applied to Public Access Lagoons™, a business model also known as PAL™, which has become a new long-term investment alternative. The model’s success is reflected in more than 1,000 lagoons in different stages, spotted across 60 countries. Over 800 of these are PAL.

With returns on investment exceeding those offered by other industries, PAL have attracted the interest of investors, family offices, insurance companies and leading real estate developers, who currently face the complex challenge of finding long-term investment alternatives with attractive returns.

Three investment phases

The areas directly surrounding the lagoon serve as an ideal set up for numerous events, from concerts to indoor roadshows, that can be held year-round, with beautiful views overlooking the pure turquoise lagoon. PAL projects attract investors as they can be developed under different investment formats, with more or less infrastructure. Even those with minimal initial infrastructure have seen undisputable success, and can continue to be developed with profits that they generate.

They have emerged as a safe, long-term alternative due to their projection against the leading current health and commercial threats, and as such, are Covid and Amazon-proof, something few economic sectors can offer. The most limited infrastructure model is anchored by an extensive crystalline lagoon and wide tropical beaches, as well as a green area with kiosks.

The second phase offers an intermediate infrastructure format, and includes a wedding peninsula, an amphitheater for shows and concerts, and spaces for events and trade shows.

The third, most complete investment model includes all of the above as well as additional infrastructure for retail, restaurants and hotels.

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