Crystal Lagoons® Game-Changing Master Agreements Model


In the last few months, Crystal Lagoons® Public Access Lagoons™ master agreements model, which grants exclusivity to strategic partnering companies in specific geographical areas, has triggered the interest of several relevant economic groups worldwide seeking to develop projects. Since signing the first Master PAL™ Agreement, the multinational innovation company has experienced exponential sales growth thanks to this new business model.

Considering that these are long-term projects that will not be completed in less than 1.5 years, the business’ dynamism hasn’t been affected by the pandemic. On the contrary, investors have been keen to move forward, and these projects have been perceived as having huge potential that will aide to reactivate local economies.

The volume of contracts closing has been exponential, and has required the Miami-based company completely change the structure of the organization. The most prominent projects include 30 lagoons in Korea, in association with Hyundai-Nexplan consortium; 18 in Central America, 30 in Mexico in association with Artha Capital and soon, 30 lagoons in Japan; all with royalties at a present value of US $3.8 billion for Crystal Lagoons. This completely changes the course of how the multinational water innovation firm will function in the future.

Advanced negotiations are also ongoing in South Africa, Australia, the Middle East, Israel, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Cambodia, Botswana, Pakistan, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, among other countries. These developments add a further US $3.7 billion in royalties for Crystal Lagoons, which forecasts 4,610 PAL projects licensed worldwide over the course of the next 30 years.

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