Crystal Lagoons expands in the United States


Crystalline lagoons of unlimited sizes, which transform any destination in the world into an idyllic beach, have revolutionized numerous markets on five continents. Sustainable technology captures the interest of leading multinationals from different sectors and large investors, particularly in the United States, where the Crystal Lagoons operation is being promoted with extraordinary dynamism.

In the United States, Crystal Lagoons currently has more than 260 real estate projects and Public Access Lagoons™, complexes at various stages of operation, development and negotiation in 23 of the 50 states, including Texas, Florida, Alabama, North and South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee and Mississippi.

Crystal Lagoons has captured the interest of major developers for extensive exclusivity agreements, including contracts with Epic for 16 PAL™ complexes and with real estate company ADËLON Capital for developments in Orlando and East Florida. Particularly in Texas, the water multinational has a total of 70 projects in different stages, including Lago Mar -with the largest crystalline lagoon in the US-, Windsong Ranch and Balmoral. For its part, in Florida, Crystal Lagoons has 51 projects in different stages, among which Epperson and Sole Mia stand out.

“Our technology when applied to real estate and PAL™ developments is highly valued for its innovation and urban disruption. Bringing a piece of the ocean to cities contributes to sustainability and carbon neutrality, which has earned us numerous environmental awards worldwide,” says Ivan Manzur, Senior Vice President of Sales of Crystal Lagoons US Corp.

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