Crystal Lagoons® best-selling projects in the US


RCLCO, one of the leading US real estate study and consulting firms for the past fifty years, published its traditional mid-year 2021 sales report, highlighting various Crystal Lagoons® developments among the fifty best-selling projects in the whole country.

Noteworthy developments include Balmoral, Sierra Vista, Lake Nona and Lago Mar, all projects centered around a crystalline lagoon maintained at low cost with Crystal Lagoons innovative technology.

All these projects offer, according to RCLCO, the most sought after requirements by families: good access to schools, good connectivity and, above all, amenities such as crystalline lagoons. This allows you to practice outdoor activities, multiple sports and direct access to nature, benefits that are increasingly appreciated and sought after by potential buyers.

The success and added-value that the turquoise reservoirs with Crystal Lagoons technology deliver to real estate projects is reflected in the sales figures. An example of this is Epperson, in Florida, which increased its sales 174% compared to the same period of the previous year.

In the case of Sierra Vista, sales increased 52%, while those of Lago Mar grew 41%, both projects located in Texas.

A fourth complex, Lake Nona, developed with Tavistock Development in Florida, increased its sales by 28% and Balmoral (in Texas) expanded its sales by 12%.

This reflects how Crystal Lagoons concept and technology, patented worldwide, has changed the real estate paradigm of “location, location, location”, becoming the world’s top amenity, and has consistently added premium values to real estate projects.

The multinational created and founded by forward thinking biochemist and businessman, Fernando Fischmann, has managed to create idyllic beaches with crystalline lagoons with state-of-the-art technology, in previously unimaginable places.

The US multinational changes the landscape by creating a breathtaking turquoise water destination that can be enjoyed year-round.

The RCLCO’s national surveys have also demonstrated over the years how these crystalline lagoons have increased the value of real estate and sale prices like no other amenity, generating an advantage that reduces competition from nearby real estate projects.


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