Crystal Lagoons® becomes an important part of Arizona’s new business corridor


Freeways not only open more roads for cars to drive by, but they also open up more opportunities for businesses to thrive and easier access to enjoy multiple entertainment offers, such as the next Crystal Lagoons® project in Glendale, Arizona.

According to Chamber Business Newsfreeways in Arizona have created four new business corridors, based on what four key players said during West Valley Tuesday hosted by Westmarc, public-private partnership whose mission is to promote the region.

“The projects that are coming in, the names that are coming in, are really teeing us up for that next level because they are big names, they’re household names, and they’re attracting other companies to make investments in the West Valley,” said Sintra Hoffman, president and CEO of WESTMARC

And Crystal Lagoons is one of these names at Loop 101 in Glendale, preparing to open its 11-acre lagoon and water park next to State Farm Stadium, which will host the 2023 SuperBowl.

Among the features: a beverage bar that floats above the ground and the largest helium balloon in the world. According to the developer, other “experiential” retailers are signing up to build near the site.

U.S. market


Crystal Lagoons has numerous ongoing operations worldwide, but those spotted across the U.S., such as Solé MiaBalmoralWindsong RanchLake NonaSection 31Southshore BayMiradaAvenirSierra Vista, have confirmed the United States as the company’s leading market.

In addition, the company is expanding its successful Public Access Lagoons™ projects offering ticketed-entry, also known as PAL™ projects, in Florida and Texas, and important master agreements such as the one signed with Epic for 16 developments in different geographical areas.

“We are holding advanced negotiations with investment funds and leading malls in FloridaCaliforniaSouth and North CarolinaTexasArizona and Oklahoma for additional master agreements, which now represent 90% of the firm’s contracts,” adds said Crystal Lagoons US Corp VP of Sales, Ivan Manzur.

Chamber Business News

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