Club Moolia Offers Exclusive Experience and Perth’s First Crystal Lagoons® Amenity


Set to light up Western Australia in 2022, Club Moolia has announced it will be anchored by Perth’s first man-made lagoon by Crystal Lagoons® and Asia-Pacific’s first automotive country club.

Comprising 3,000 acres, the country club has attracted race enthusiasts, celebrities, and high net worth individuals from all over the Asia-Pacific with its prime location, wide range of amenities and sheer beauty.

Limited to only 600 members, the club will be an exciting yet quaint sanctuary for those fortunate enough to obtain an admission.

A myriad of water sports

Outside of automobile enthusiasts, friends and family will also find plenty of experiences at the club.

Club Moolia and Crystal Lagoons, the only firm capable of creating man-made turquoise water lagoons of unlimited size, have partnered to develop a center of unique amenities like none other.

World leader in water research and development, Crystal Lagoons has patented a revolutionary state-of-the-art technology that requires 100 times fewer chemicals and just 2% of the energy of conventional swimming pools.

Crystal Lagoons concept and technology has come to be known for creating the world’s top amenity™, with lagoons maintaining an impeccable standard of cleanliness, that comply with the most stringent international physicochemical and microbiological water quality standards.

At Club Moolia’s 2,5-acre lagoon, members will have the opportunity to enjoy a myriad of water sports, including kayaking, snorkeling, paddle-boating, and admire the scenic view of the lagoon and surrounding white sand beaches.

Unique race track

The club’s second core attraction is a technical four-kilometer race track, designed to allow members to test the full capabilities of their cars.

Sitting on acres of flat land set in the midst of a breathtaking valley, the track consists of 17 idiosyncratic turns, multiple high-speed straights, and six varying configurations.

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