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Crystal Lagoons


in different stages of operation, planning, design, and negotiation.

Crystal Lagoons


in different stages of operation, planning, design, and negotiation.

Crystal Lagoons


in 190 countries

Transforming shopping malls into businesses of unprecedented profitability

Public Access Lagoons™ developments can transform underperforming retail assets such as anchor stores, underutilized adjacent land, or even excess parking into an idyllic beach with turquoise waters and white sand beaches that just steps away from people’s homes.

With a low initial investment and perpetual income through ticketed entry to the lagoon, PAL™ projects offer an attractive diversification strategy with year-round entertainment opportunities including beach life, water sports, concerts, weddings, events, trade shows, day clubs, restaurants, and more – all at a time when e-commerce is forcing malls to provide captivating experiences in order to secure foot-traffic.

Crystal Lagoons

The Most Beautiful Place
in the City

With the addition of a Public Access Lagoons™ project, a shopping mall can become the most beautiful and bustling place in the city, where people of all ages come to gather year-round.

By retrofitting underperforming assets into a revenue-generating crystalline lagoon, a shopping mall can increase footfall to existing stores, but also create a wide array of new profit streams that are not subject to the pressures currently threatening the retail industry.

PAL™ projects are the business of the future and the success of today

Public Access Lagoons™ developments have proven to be extraordinarily successful during Covid times, since they provide open spaces with controlled access where sanitary measures can be enforced, unlike public beaches and other entertainment alternatives. They are also ecommerce-proof because rather than products, they offer experiences that last forever.

Crystal Lagoons

Endless Ways to Monetize

Crystal Lagoons Entrance & Membership Fees
Crystal Lagoons Beach: Family, Activities & Entertainment
Crystal Lagoons Music Dome & Amphitheater: Concerts & Day Club
Crystal Lagoons Wedding Peninsula
Crystal Lagoons Restaurants & Retail
Crystal Lagoons Blue Venue: Events, Food Halls & Trade Shows

Beach life and crystalline waters in your shopping mall

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