Public Access Lagoons™

Public Access Lagoons™ projects bring turquoise waters
and white sand beaches to the city, allowing developers to create
idyllic beach life just steps away from people’s homes while generating
a new business through ticketed entry to the lagoon and year-round
entertainment including water sports, concerts, weddings, events,
trade shows, day clubs, restaurants, retail and more.

Crystal Lagoons

The New Crystal Lagoons
Hot Reef™ technology:

Crystal Lagoons

Keep the bathing
area warm
(28 ºC, 82 ºF)
at low cost.

Crystal Lagoons

Provide the
perfect water
during the

Crystal Lagoons

Extend the
use lagoon's
during the winter

Crystal Lagoons


Crystal Lagoons


How it works

Dome: Beach life and events all year-round

Domes are a widely-known technology around the world used to
provide a climate-protected environment, allowing to enjoy beach
life throughout the year, even in the winter and rainy days.

Crystal Lagoons

PAL™ projects are
the business of the future
and the success of today

This innovative technology will be part of all Crystal Lagoons® amenities and is especially crucial for Public Access Lagoons™ as it allows developers to generate revenue from ticketed access to the beach all year long. The addition of a dome makes it possible to also heat the air inside, making it the perfect spot for events, concerts, beach weddings, restaurants, and more.

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Endless Ways
to Monetize

Entrance &
Membership Fees

Family, Activities &

Music Dome &
Concerts & Day Club

Retail &

Event Esplanade:
Fairs, Food Halls &
Trade Shows


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