The United States is leading the worldwide expansion of Crystal Lagoons


Interview with Nicolas Galotti, Regional Director of Crystal Lagoons US Corp. 

Crystal Lagoons® technology is present all over the world and has revolutionized urban lifestyles with over its 1,000 projects in 60 countries. The United States is the company’s most important market and home to its main headquarters. Currently there are over 260 Real Estate and Public Access Lagoons™ projects, also known as PAL™ projects, ongoing at different stages of development in states including Florida, California, Texas, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Hawaii and North and South Carolina. In addition, the company has announced five master agreements to develop PAL™ complexes.

Crystal Lagoons is expanding into new territories of the country through the management of a sales team led by Senior VP of Sales, Iván Manzur, and regional directors: Nicolás Galotti, in charge of Central United States; Eric Cherasia, who covers the East Coast, and Benjamín Fischmann, the West Coast. The team is made up of talents drawn from different disciplines including civil and commercial engineers and marketing specialists.

How important is the United States for the global expansion of Crystal Lagoons?

The United States is the largest and most strategic market for Crystal Lagoons and is leading our international growth. We are increasingly expanding through Master agreements into new areas including Orlando, Arizona, Georgia, North and South Carolina.

Tell us about the Central United States area you are in charge of

Crystal Lagoons has been making an impact in central states such as Oklahoma, New Mexico, Colorado, Louisiana, Kansas, and Texas, which are predominantly landlocked, meaning that our lagoons add enormous value and bring economic benefits. Texas is our “star” state with more than 60 projects at different stages of development including the Windsong Ranch, Balmoral, Leander Springs and Lago Mar, to name a few. Houston has seen particular commercial success, especially the Sunterra project, which set a sales record in 2022. There is a lot of potential opportunities in Central United States and negotiations are underway for new PAL™ projects in major cities including Austin, Houston, San Antonio, Derby and Dallas.

What differentiates the U.S. team?

The sales team has expertise in this field and experience doing business internationally. We have seen the benefits that our projects bring to different countries around the world and those examples have helped us demonstrate to the North American market how we can add value here.    

We have built an extensive network in the United States with the principal real estate developers with whom we have worked closely to develop projects in the different states.

We are also a young team that continues to grow and we look forward to continuing to open up new opportunities for Crystal Lagoons here.

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