The Success of Crystal Lagoons in the U.S.


The global expansion of Crystal Lagoons, with more than 1,000 projects at various stages of development in more than 60 countries, has come thanks to the successful management of a multidisciplinary and innovative self-motivated team.

The United States is the world’s most competitive and dynamic real estate and entertainment market. For this reason, Crystal Lagoons has a strong commercial team with regional directors. It is a multicultural team of which Benjamín Fischmann is a part, son of the founder of Crystal Lagoons, who first joined as an intern and in 2018 was formally put in charge of the West Coast, including Hawaii, where he recently conducted a successful roadshow with real estate operators and hoteliers

“It is remarkable how Crystal Lagoons projects are valued by the idiosyncrasies of the tourist places recognizes by its beach culture. Our plans to bring our value proposition to Honolulu, Hawaii, is coming on in leaps and bounds,” said Fischmann.

How do you see the U.S. market?

The United States is the largest market of Crystal Lagoons worldwide and is why we have established our headquarters here. The United States invests more in entertainment and quality of life than any other country in the world and the fact that we are adding new locations here marks a real milestone.

Our commercial team shares strategic objectives of innovation, sustainability and growth, and has conquered the main developers of the different states, demonstrating the financial attractiveness of the Crystal Lagoons technology® and business models.

Today, we have 260 real estate and PAL™ projects at various stages of development in 23 of the 50 U.S. states including Hawaii, California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Texas, Florida, Georgia, North and South Carolina, Alabama and Tennessee, among others. 


How is Crystal Lagoons growing on the West Coast?

My responsibility is to expand Crystal Lagoons’ presence in the West Coast states. There is a lot of potential for Crystal Lagoons in California, where we have projects under construction and others at the negotiation stage that we hope to sign off on soon. We have also signed agreements in Utah and hope to have news from Arizona and Nevada in the coming months.


How important is teamwork to Crystal Lagoons’ expansion?

The team has good business strategies and great execution. On the East Coast, we have Eric Cherasia as regional director, while Nicolas Galotti is in charge of the Central region. These executives, along with other members of our sales team have played a key role in ensuring our well-deserved success in the U.S. because they have understood the different demands and ways of doing business in different U.S. regions.

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