Javiera de la Cerda, R&D and IP director: “We fiercely defend worldwide the more than 2,500 patents of Crystal Lagoons”


The main asset of any innovation and technology company like Crystal Lagoons is its intellectual property (IP). This is why it is important to protect a company’s IP through patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade dress, copyrights and design registrations, as well as through confidential information, know-how, and trade secrets.

In the case of Crystal Lagoons, the multinational fiercely defends its more than 2,500 patents and more than 600 trademarks in 190 countries, which enable the company to provide innovative technology for more than 1,000 crystalline lagoon projects around the world in different stages of negotiation, construction and operation.

In the following interview, Javiera de la Cerda, R&D and IP director at Crystal Lagoons, provides detail about why IP is so important to the company.

How does Crystal Lagoons protect innovation?

Crystal Lagoons is the only company in the world that is legally allowed to use and license this technology to develop large artificial crystalline lagoons with excellent and clear water quality, for recreational purposes. The company has a Research and Development (R&D) department in charge of further development of its technology and products, systems, and processes, and works continuously to protect the technology with new patents.

We are very focused on protecting our patents and other intellectual property once it is registered. Therefore, we are careful to safeguard our intellectual property through different legal instruments and systems in each market, and to research, monitor and control our intellectual property rights worldwide.

Do your patents only protect the technology?

No, our patents cover not only the technology for building and operating large artificial lagoons, but also cover our business model, our designs and layouts, our cleaning devices and systems, our sustainable methods and systems for maintaining and treating water and our Public Access Lagoons™ business model as well.

How do these patents benefit project developers?

Intellectual property work protects both the developers, owners and residents of the projects, as it defends the value associated with investments in this unique technology, which ensures sanitary quality for its users. Given our extensive portfolio of new developments, Crystal Lagoons has a legal department that monitors and evaluates any possible infringement and/or misuse of our proprietary information, for the benefit of both the company, the clients and the protection of this technological innovation in the different projects.

As part of its efforts to provide legal support to its clients, Crystal Lagoons often participates in regulatory discussions related to the projects it is developing.

What consequences could of infringement of patents entail?

Crystal Lagoons constantly monitors and defends itself against any infringement of intellectual property both through civil and criminal legal channels. Depending on the case, such as misappropriation of trade secrets, we assess court action and press charges.

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