Piura will live the Caribbean experience


Tahiti Blue, in Peru, is a self-sustaining condominium and its beach will be located in the center of the development, strategically designed for easy access by the owners. It is located 15 minutes from the city of Piura and will have 156 hectares, which include spaces for shopping centers, restaurants, schools and clinics.

This project will feature a 6-hectare crystalline lagoon developed with Crystal Lagoons® technology, which will bring the Caribbean experience to the city of Piura for the first time, transforming the lifestyle of the people who will live in an environment surrounded by turquoise waters, white sands and nature, and you can practice water sports and all kinds of outdoor activities. This body of water will also become the largest crystal clear lagoon in that country.

Crystal Lagoons has registered a significant expansion in Peru and already has inaugurated real estate projects, such as Hacienda la Joya, first home; and La Jolla de Asia, second home and additionally, has signed 8 new contracts and has 19 in different stages of negotiation, including three new developments on the outskirts of Lima.

The patented technology allows the sustainability and profitability of the project because the construction costs are very low, even lower than those of a park of the same size. As for operating costs, these are also very low, thanks to the efficient use of safe additives and energy. This revolutionary technology also operates in a closed circuit, needing only to replace the water that is lost through evaporation.

A 1 hectare lagoon consumes 50% of the water required to maintain a park of the same size, while an average size lagoon consumes around 30 times less than a golf course.


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