Media highlights presence of Crystal Lagoons® in Texas


The United States is currently the main market for Crystal Lagoons® globally, with 221 projects in different development and negotiation stages, and Texas is the “star” state, with 70 projects, whose highlights include Windsong Ranch, Balmoral and Leander Springs.

This was highlight by Yahoo! confirming those projects, along with Lago Mar in the Galveston area, are part of the new Crystal Lagoons® revolution: Public Access Lagoons™, or PAL™ developments, which can be accessed through ticketed entries. These facilities can be used throughout the year thanks to the new Hot Reef™ technology, a patented innovation that keeps the bathing areas of the lagoons warm, at a low cost and in a sustainable way.

Lago Mar, the longest crystalline lagoon in the US, has been enormously successful, even in these Covid times. The project sells around US$ 50,000 in tickets daily. Despite health safety measures, and even with restricted access and reduced capacity, it receives 1,200 visitors, and tickets sell out weeks in advance. The number of visitors is expected to increase exponentially with the new Hot Reef and dome technology.

The appeal of these lagoons is such that, when developers try them out in their first complex, they incorporate lagoons in their subsequent projects. One example is Land Tejas, one of the biggest MPC developers in Houston. After Balmoral, their first project with Crystal Lagoons® was a complete success; they have 9 new projects in development and 7 in negotiations with the multinational.

Also in Texas, Crystal Lagoons® is in advanced negotiations to develop 38 PALs in cities such as Austin, Houston, Derby, Dallas, and Lake Texoma, among others. In addition, they foresee reaching master agreements incorporating a similar number of PAL™ developments in a geographic area.

PAL™ business model creates beach life just a few steps from home, making them the most beautiful place in town. This project enables developers to put on launches, fairs, food-halls, weddings, and concerts in a paradisiac environment with beach-front stages, as well as gastronomy, retail, beach clubs, amphitheaters and recreational activities.

These projects are a safe long-term investment alternative, due to their stability amid health and commercial threats as they are Covid- and ECommerce-proof.

Crystal Lagoons® is currently implementing different innovation models that can improve sustainability and optimize resources for companies, investors, entrepreneurs and residents who want to change their lifestyle thanks to the crystal clear water technology.


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