Latin America shaping up as the Crystal Lagoons main market


Interview to Jean Pierre Juanchich, regional director of Crystal Lagoons for Latin America

Crystal Lagoons totals 197 projects in different stages of development in Latin America. In fact, it is the continent where the innovation multinational totals the largest number of projects with a long list of successful developments and non-stop growth.

According to Jean Pierre Juanchich, regional director of Crystal Lagoons for Latin America, “ten new lagoon complexes are due to be inaugurated in 2022 in countries such as Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Paraguay and Bolivia”.

What is the country that leads the inauguration of new projects in the continent?

Argentina will see the largest number of new lagoons officially opened this year, bringing the total to 43 either under negotiation or at varying stages of development in several cities. This year will see the inauguration of lagoons in: Aquavista, in Córdoba; Remeros Beach, in Buenos Aires; La Mansa, in Pinamar; and Developer Aqua, in Mar del Plata adding to the already successful developments of Terralagos, Lagoon Pilar, Lagoon Hudson and Vida Lagoon.

Are there any relevant contracts in Latin America that have been recently signed?

One of the largest contracts to be signed recently by Crystal Lagoons in Latin America was in Colombia. Based on the success of the multinational’s first Colombian complex, Baia Kristal, in association with AED Constructores, this led both firms to sign a second contract; a master agreement for 13 new Public Access Lagoons™ projects, also known as PAL™ developments, that will add value to two local tourist areas – the Coffee Region and the Colombian Caribbean.

What other market stands out in the region?

In Mexico, Crystal Lagoons has projects in Mazatlán, Cabo San Lucas, Cancun, Toluca, Veracruz and Monterrey. The 5-hectare Bluú Habitat Lagoons complex in Mazatlán is the most recent to be inaugurated, this year.

Is there any country that, despite the economic contraction, is standing out in its dynamism of contracts?

Paraguay’s recent economic growth has opened up opportunities for Crystal Lagoons in the areas of real estate and under the PAL™ model. In this country, the firm has 18 projects at different stages of development and negotiation, of which two will be inaugurated this year – Costa del Lago (Hernandarias) and Aqua Terra (Luque).

Which country in the region has a special characteristic?

Bolivia is another market with great potential. This landlocked country is home to Playa Turquesa, a 13-hectare crystalline lagoon, the second largest in the world, and Mar Adentro a 3.4-hectare lagoon. At the moment, Crystal Lagoons is in advanced negotiations for new developments in Bolivia.

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