Despite Covid-19 Hurdles, Crystal Lagoons U.S. Corp.® Sees Solid Sales Performance


With a number of successful master-planned community amenity developments under its belt, Miami-based innovation company Crystal Lagoons® is pursuing a new business model for amenity development, which consists of master licensing agreements for Public Access Lagoons™.

The company’s exclusive partners are set to use Crystal Lagoons technology to create public amenities across the U.S. anchored by crystalline lagoons surrounded by white sand beaches, retail, and other attractions such as hotels, restaurants and areas for concerts. IN just a few months, the company signed master licensing agreements for 16 new lagoons in the U.S., as well as many more overseas.

While COVID-19 has placed restrictions on the company’s activity and prompted the closure of some amenities at the beginning of the pandemic—including Epperson in Wesley Chapel, Fla.—Crystal Lagoons anticipates that its amenities will play an important role in the upcoming economic recovery, particularly as sites for “staycations” in a time when air travel is limited.

“Given that these are long-term projects that will not be completed in less than 18 months, the business’ dynamism hasn’t been affected by the pandemic,” says Ivan Manzur, Vice President of Sales at Crystal Lagoons U.S. Corp. “On the contrary, we’ve seen investors moving forward, and these projects have been perceived as having a potential of reactivating the economy.”

Beach life on your doorstep

The pandemic, even when controlled in the future with vaccinations, etc., will likely alter certain social habits, such as avoiding air travel to distant locations due to risks associated with large groups of people boarding planes, at airports, confinement in planes, coming into contact with people from other countries where infection rates are possibly unpredictable, etc.

Being able to have beach life and recreational activities close to home reduces considerably many of these risks and may likely become a future trend.

Touristic destinations and public beaches are difficult to control on a sanitary level. On the other hand, on a private beach, such as a PAL™, access can be controlled by implementing tests, regulating capacity, ensuring social distancing, etc.

“This concept of beach life just steps away from home also positively impacts people’s carbon footprint and reduces the impact on biodiversity in natural places,” says Ivan Manzur.

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