Desalination technology is recognized as an option for water crisis


The desalination technology with zero energy, developed by Crystal Lagoons, was highlighted by the International Defense Security & Technology Inc. (IDST) of California, United States, as one of the technologies that would solve the global water crisis.

And the fact is that the water innovation multinational is not only focused on revolutionizing the recreational area. It also seeks to contribute with innovations to solve part of the current global problems such as water scarcity.

The solution of the water innovation multinational offers an unprecedented experience for the current mechanism of desalination, or “reverse osmosis”, which is unprofitable due to the high cost associated to electrical energy.

This technology, on the other hand, consists of a membrane distillation process that uses the temperature difference to obtain fresh water from salt water. Its cost is cut by 60% in comparison with conventional technologies, which makes it a cost-effective and convenient solution.

According to estimates of the United Nations Environment Program, 1.1 billion people in the world are affected daily by the lack of fresh water. As a measure to improve this situation, Crystal Lagoons has developed efficient and eco-friendly technologies.

The desalination technology of Crystal Lagoons consists of a process of distillation by membranes that use the difference of temperature to obtain fresh water from salt water. This energy can come from thermal solar collectors or the waste heat from industrial processes, which makes the process significantly cheaper.

International Defense Security & Technology Inc.

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