Crystal Lagoons revolutionizes Ecuador with Public Access Lagoons ™ projects


Crystal Lagoons is generating a new revolution in cities with its crystal clear lagoons with turquoise waters. This time, the change is associated with the Public Access Lagoons™, model, also called PAL ™ projects that spread throughout the world.

The success of this concept is also present in Ecuador, a country where the multinational innovation company awarded for its disruptive technology, is building the Karibao Resort Town project, in Engabao, in association with Pronobis It is a macro real estate development, whose central element will be one the crystalline lagoon of 2 hectares surrounded by white sand beach, in the first stage and of 1 ha. in the second phase.

In this way, the residents of the project will experience the Caribbean and will be able to practice swimming and water sports in a safe environment.

“Crystalline lagoons in real estate projects have proven to be very successful, even during the pandemic. In fact, globally speaking, there has been an unprecedented increase in sales of developments with lagoons powered by Crystal Lagoons® technology. Those have seen an increase of more than 200% in their value per square meter as well as other benefits,” said Jean Pierre Juanchich, Crystal Lagoons regional director for Latin America.

Currently, Crystal Lagoons has more than 1,000 projects worldwide at  different stages of development and negotiation in 60 countries. After revolutionizing the real estate sector for 10 years, the firm began a new corporate stage, revolutionizing cities with Public Access Lagoons™ projects, also known as PAL™ projects.

PAL™ projects: Beach life everywhere

It is exactly these types of resorts, which do not form part of a private development and which are open to the public for a fee, that Crystal Lagoons wants to develop in Ecuador. For that reason, it is choosing the best partners to promote these projects.

Crystal Lagoons is predicting that it could build 7 PAL™ resorts in Ecuador in cities like Guayaquil, Quito, Manta and Cuenca.

“There is a lot of potential in Ecuador for PAL™ projects. These resorts could transform the lives of millions of Ecuadorians by bringing a small piece of the ocean to their doorsteps both in coastal cities and inland areas of the country. This will prevent them from having to take a car or a plane to go to the beach, which will result in a reduction in their environmental impact,” said Juanchich.

The PAL™ developments are large crystalline lagoons surrounded by white sandy beaches and attractive spaces for fairs, launches, food halls, weddings, concerts on multiple beach stages, terraces, domes, gastronomy, retail outlets, amphitheaters and shows, making them the meeting point of the 21st century. In addition, thanks to Crystal Lagoons new Hot Reef™ technology, the bathing areas maintain a temperature of 28°C, providing low-cost and sustainable optimal conditions throughout the year.

These projects are executed through master agreements and licensing agreements that include a substantial number of PAL™ for each country or region and are emerging as the business of the future.

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