Crystal Lagoons project would host one-of-a-kind roller coaster


The Crystal Lagoons Island Resort project, development that the multinational innovation company develops in partnership with Mattel and Epic in Arizona, could be home to a one-of-a-kind roller coaster, according to the specialized website Coaster101.

It will be an Infinity roller coaster, a personalized model, manufactured by the German firm Gerstlauer and Ride Entertainment. The attraction, which is scheduled to open in late 2022, will be formally announced in the coming weeks.

This coaster will become the 12th custom Infinity coaster from Gerstlauer, and just the third in the United States.

Another milestone of the Crystal Lagoons Island Resort project is that it will be home to the Mattel’s first amusement park, called “Mattel Adventure Park”.

Named “Crystal Lagoons Island Resort”, a few days ago the project had its groundbreaking ceremony. The complex it is a Public Access Lagoons™ development, also known as PAL ™ projects, which will be anchored by a 4.5-hectare crystalline lagoon, which can be accessed with a ticket and will be surrounded by white sand beaches. The development will also incorporate Mattel-branded experiences, including a Hot Wheels roller coaster and multiple go-kart experiences.

Last Thursday, Crystal Lagoons® began the construction of Crystal Lagoons Island Resort project in Arizona. The multinational innovation company partnered with the renowned toy company Mattel to include in the project the first Mattel Adventure Park.

The centerpiece of the mega project will be an 11-acre Public Access Lagoons™, also known as PAL™, a paradise-like lagoon surrounded by white sand beaches, which can be accessed via ticketed entry. The project will also incorporate Mattel-branded experiences, including a Hot Wheels coaster and multiple go-karting experiences.

In addition, the resort will have a Thomas & Friends indoor theme park with the first life-sized Thomas the Tank Engine passenger train, as well as immersive branded F&B and experiential retail.

Furthermore, to the lagoon, the project will include 7 islands, each with their own theme, retail spaces, Fly and 4-D theaters, venue space, restaurants, a family entertainment center, amusement rides, office space, 600 plus hotel rooms and more.

“Crystal Lagoons, the World’s Top Amenity®, is excited to bring the first branded Crystal Lagoons Island Resort entertainment destination to Glendale, Arizona,” says Iván Manzur, Senior VP of Sales de Crystal Lagoons US Corp.

“By partnering with Crystal Lagoons Island Resort, we will be offering new and immersive ways for families to experience classic brands like Hot Wheels, Thomas & Friends, and more.”, said Julie Freeland, senior director of global LBE at Mattel.

Super Bowl 2023

According to local press, the project is expected to receive 2 million visitors annually. This in turn will generate significant revenue to support local businesses and the state as a whole. Upon completion, the Crystal Lagoons Island Resort is estimated to bring 1,800 net new jobs to Glendale.

The Crystal Lagoons Island Resort is planned as a single-phase development that is expected to open to the public in 2022 ahead of Glendale’s hosting of Super Bowl in 2023.


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