Consultant highlights increase in crystalline lagoons in UAE´s developments


The prestigious international real estate consulting firm, Unique Properties, has observed a growing interest in Crystal Lagoons® technology in different markets, such as the United Arab Emirates.


“Crystal Lagoons amenity add value to both real estate developers and the end user”

 Alastair Sinclair, Regional Director Crystal Lagoons


How do you explain the attractiveness of crystalline lagoons in the Middle East?

Especially important in the Middle East is that Crystal Lagoons® technology uses any type of water, even brackish, making use of the water from underground in the desert which otherwise would have no alternative use.

Particularly, in the UAE it has generated a growing demand due to its high social and environmental impact, attributes highly valued by those who live in the region and can access a better quality of life.


What is the added value for real estate developers and end users?

Crystalline lagoons are increasingly contributing to the UAE´s real estate growth. A real estate project with a crystalline lagoon achieved a historical number in terms of promises and sales units sold. In this sense, the value per square meter increases exponentially, as do sales rates of the real estate projects, at times over 70%. These crystalline lagoons allow projects to increase density in ways previously unseen, creating successful projects that aim to provide users better quality of life.


Which is the differentiator element?

Crystalline lagoons provide a unique plus because it solves something that was not technically possible before, such as building monumental lagoons anywhere, even in the middle of the desert. Today we can take idyllic beach life to unthinkable places, especially those far from the coastal areas.


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