Completion Date Announced for Argentina’s Acquavista Amenity


The Argentine firm, Galp Inversiones, has announced that it foresees the artificial lagoon anchoring the Acquavista project in Cordoba, Argentina, to be completed in the coming months. The real estate project is being developed around a monumental crystalline water amenity powered by Crystal Lagoons® technology. The Miami-based firm currently has several operational lagoons in the country.

The key amenity at Acquavista will be the 6,6-acre pristine crystalline lagoon, powered by the innovation company’s technology, which has been patented in over 190 countries worldwide.

“This is a crucial step for the economy of Cordoba, as it offers a favorable context for the construction industry. The completion of this world-class lagoon by Crystal Lagoons will undoubtedly accelerate and stimulate economic activity,” said Lucas Zunino, executive director of Galp.

Once completed, the development will include a total of 650 houses, 100 duplexes and 18 apartment towers and numerous amenities, requiring an investment of 150 million dollars over the course of the next five years.

An amenity like no other

This is crucially important, because it will not only offer an idyllic beach environment steps away from resident’s homes, but will ensure increased the value of the properties as well as sales prices like no other amenity.

As such, investors and developers worldwide have seen firsthand how these tropical lagoons make otherwise unviable projects feasible, making the impossible possible and change the real estate paradigm of “location, location, location” by adding great value to real estate developments.

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