Bintan PAL™ In Indonesia Registers Record Visits


Treasure Bay Bintan, an exotic entertainment destination located in Indonesia’s Riau archipelago, receives visitors from across the globe, year-round. Offering various activities and services, it is anchored by Southeast Asia’s largest crystalline lagoon, which was recently highlighted by CNN for its innovative Crystal Lagoons® technology.

The amenity operates as a Public Access Lagoon™, offering a number of water sports and is surrounded by long white sand beaches.

Considered a great adventure travel destination in the region, its central element, the monumental body of crystalline water, has been highlighted by CNN as one of Indonesia’s best destinations.

The complex, known for its adventure tourism activities, has as its central element a 14-acre turquoise lagoon measuring 800 meters in length and 2.5 meters in depth.

According to CNN, the lagoon and the island have registered record visits due to international travel restrictions and has been highlighted as an excellent destination for “staycations” among locals.

Sales success despite pandemic

During some of the most critical moments of the COVID-19 pandemic, many man-made lagoons powered by Crystal Lagoons technology were hugely successful.

In fact, quite the opposite: 2020 was, despite what might be expected, one of the most successful years in the company’s history.

The Epperson PAL™, in Florida, and Lago Mar, in Texas, for example, generated daily revenues amounting to US $50,000, even while receiving fewer than 1,200 visitors due to capacity restrictions, with passes selling out a week in advance.


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