Crystal Lagoons® innovative technology is protected worldwide through various Industrial and Intellectual Property rights, including but not limited to Patents, Trademarks, Designs and Copyrights in more than 180 countries and territories over the world.

Crystal Lagoons carries out a strict worldwide monitoring of its IP rights and takes the necessary actions against potential infringers.

The Intellectual Property of Crystal Lagoons includes, but is not limited to:

  • More than 800 copyrighted architectural conceptual designs and plans, protecting the intellectual work behind the development of each project, including each lagoon’s shapes, borders, length as well as the design of all its surrounding amenities and their position within the development.
  • More than 2.200 patents, protecting amongst others:
  • Methods and processes to treat large bodies of water in a cost-efficient way;
  • Structures to contain large bodies of water;
  • Devices and systems to clean the bottom surfaces of the lagoons, which are operated either remotely and/or on site;
  • Efficient water filtration processes and systems;
  • Sustainable methods and systems to maintain and treat water for use in industrial plants and processes;
  • Sustainable methods and systems to provide cooling water of high quality for industrial processes, including HVAC systems
  • Localized disinfection systems to allow higher concentration of disinfectants in designated zones within the lagoon;
  • Systems and methods to implement and operate floating lagoons within large natural or artificial bodies of water;
  • Business methods and systems;
  • Entertainment complexes incorporating lagoons having crystalline waters, as a centerpiece feature;
  • Entertainment complexes having a lagoon with a wave mechanism to facilitate the practice of surf sports;
  • Construction methods and systems to incorporate the man-made lagoons in previously unimaginable sites, such as retail centers, infields of racing and activity circuits, green areas, among others.
  • Methods and processes to lower the risk of outbreak of microbiological contamination within the lagoons;
  • Specially designed amphitheaters to facilitate the hosting of entertainment shows in he vicinity of the lagoons;
  • More than 600 trademarks, including logos, trade names, slogans and the proprietary trade dress of Crystal Lagoons that protects the look and feel of all of our projects.

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