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Crystal Lagoons Numbers

Crystal Lagoons


in different stages of operation, planning, design, and negotiation.

Crystal Lagoons


in different stages of operation, planning, design, and negotiation.

Crystal Lagoons


in 190 countries

Crystal Lagoons

Create Beachfront Premiums

Public Access Lagoons™ projects allow developers to bring turquoise waters and white sand beaches to their hotels regardless of where they are located, providing a beachfront experience that would otherwise be impossible. 

The First Row Advantage

According to an analysis conducted using STR data, first-row hotels experience significant added value compared to second row or inland hotels when it comes to room revenues, food and beverage spend, and overall hotel profitability.

Crystal Lagoons
Crystal Lagoons

The Most Beautiful Place
in the City

With the addition of a crystalline lagoon, any site can be transformed into a tropical resort destination simultaneously boosting key rates and occupancy, while also generating unparalleled revenue through ticketed entry to a specially designated area of the lagoon. 

Its unique place-making attributes and stunning views makes Public Access Lagoons™ destinations a perfect place for events, conventions, weddings, concerts, day parties, restaurants, and more, turning any hotel into a diversified asset with a wide array of profit streams – and the most happening place in the city. 

High Season Year-Round

The new Crystal Lagoons Hot Reef™ proprietary technology makes it possible for guests to enjoy beach life year-round by keeping the bathing area warm like the tropical seas (± 82°F) at low cost, extending the lagoon’s use during colder months. This technology can also be complemented with a removable dome so the fun is never dependent on the whim of the weather.

Crystal Lagoons

Endless Ways
to Monetize

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Crystal Lagoons Beaches: Exclusive for Guests & Ticketed Access
Crystal Lagoons Music Dome & Amphitheater: Concerts & Day Club
Crystal Lagoons Wedding Peninsula
Crystal Lagoons Restaurants & Retail
Crystal Lagoons Event Esplanade: Events, Food Halls & Trade Shows